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Bevistan Dairy Sheep Milk

Our pasturised traditional, creamy and delicious milk, can be drunk or used for cooking in exactly the same way as cows milk. The simple and safe way to enjoy all the benefits of milk, but suitable for those who are intolerant to cow and goat milk.

Available in 500 ml and 1000 ml bottles, fresh or frozen.

500 ml
1 L

Bevistan Dairy Handmade Yogurt

A Greek style yogurt with a clean and refreshing taste and makes a fantastic breakfast, dessert or add seasoning for a dressing or dip.

Available in 500g e and 200g e.

Bevistan Dairy Sheep Cheese

**Bevistan Dairy Smoked Cheese now available.**

‘Carlton Sheep Cheese’ is a versatile artisan semi soft creamy cheese, delicious on its own or baked or fried like Halloumi or incorporated in dishes such as quiches.

We use vegetarian rennet so our cheese is suitable for vegetarians and is pasteurised.

Available as individual cheeses.

All products are free of artificial additives, colourings and preservatives.

Where to buy Bevistan Dairy Products

You can find Bevistan Dairy milk, yogurt and cheese at:

Black Cat Farm Shop
Brown’s Farm Shop
Carlton Village Shop
Franklins Farm Shop
Hill Farm Shop
Parkside Farm Shop
Turvey Corer Store

Little Shop Of Cheese
Wharf Distillary
Wildleaf Deli

Burwash Manor Larder
Cambridge Cheese Company
Radmore Farm Shop

Pastures Poultry Farm Shop
The Deli

We also take mail orders over a £40.00 spend plus p & p.


Thrapston Farmers Market - 6th
Olney Farmers Market - 7th
Woburn Community Market - 13th
Woburn Farmers Market - 21st
Castle Ashby Food Fair - 27th

Melton Mowbray Artisan Cheese Fair - 5 & 6th
Woburn Farmers Market - 19th

Thrapston Farmers Market - 1st
Olney Farmers Market - 2nd
Towcester Food Festival 8 & 9th
Woburn Farmers Market - 16th

Thrapston Farmers Market 6th
Olney Farmers Market 7th
Taste Bedford 13th
Woburn Farmers Market 21st

Thrapston Farmers Market 3rd
Olney Farmers Market 4th
Woburn Farmers Market 18th

Olney Farmers Market 1st
Thrapston Farmers Market 7th
MK Food Festival 14th
Woburn Farmers Market 15th


Sheep milk is naturally low in lactose and can be enjoyed without modification, and that’s not all. Sheep milk has a crisp clear taste, (the ideal alternative for people who are intolerant to cow and goats milk).